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NEOM founder, Nicola Elliott, on mood-uplifting scents

The weather has shifted; the clocks have gone back and the nights have drawn in - which means autumn is here.  Suddenly a pair of cosy cashmere socks and a mug of hot chocolate seem much more welcoming than going out.

During this shift of seasons, it can be easy to fall into a slump; however I love this time of year as it means I can make the most time at home where I surround myself with mood-boosting scents. There are two scents which I ensure I keep on hand during autumn and that’s lemon and rose.

Lemon has a clean, sharp and fresh aroma which makes it the perfect way to start the day to enliven the body, first thing, and recharge the soul - lemon is known to help blood flow. At Neom we combine lemon oil with sweet basil (in our scent called ‘Refresh’) which is a really uplifting and stimulating - getting you ready for the day ahead. It’s also perfect if you’re a little overworked this time of year too.

It is also important to support your mood too. Rose oil is perfect. It’s the ultimate feel-good scent for lifting your mood and it’s great to use on an evening to combat daily stress, as it works as a natural anti-depressant.

We use Moroccan rose oil in the Neom fragrances. These roses are so precious they require a very specific soil and climate to grow. We pick the buds from a vast Moroccan oasis which is 35km long, then add this precious oil to two fragrances.

Sumptous’ combines this rose oil with neroli (a sweet and floral smell) and is very calming and ‘Complete Bliss’ adds a splash of lime and black pepper for a modern addition.

Rose promotes a state of relaxed well-being with its rich, floral, petally aroma and I would recommend this to anyone.

Happy autumn everyone, make it one where you feel-good.

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