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Nouvelle Vague Vol.1

I will always think of Nouvelle Vague Vol.1 as the soundtrack to the hush summer 07 catalogue as this is what make-up artist Darren had on his i-Pod throughout the two-day shoot.

And it's a measure of how much I enjoyed it that I now have it on my i-Pod and have been listening to it pretty much ever since.

The album is made up of bossa nova versions of such post-punk classics of the 1980s as The Undertones' Teenage Kicks, Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart and XTC's Making Plans For Nigel.

All arranged by French electronica duo Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux and featuring a variety of female vocalists.

If that all sounds an unlikely combination, all I can say is it works – the stark and male-dominated world of the early 1980s British music scene is reincarnated as European, groovy...and female.

And although this album probably appeals most to those who loved the songs first time round, anyone of any age should be able to enjoy the mellow, sexy sounds.

Definitely one to listen to in the summer months ahead...