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O.P. Therapy

Emu oil is the hot thing in Australia at the moment and on my last trip down there I came across O.P. Therapy in husk, one of my favourite shops in Melbourne.

It was actually the packaging that first caught my eye, but having tried the product, I'm now a complete convert.

I was originally only going to buy the hand cream, which would have been a find in itself - it's thick, smells delicious and doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy.

But I got on a bit of a roll with the pound/dollar thing, so I picked up the lip balm (which also contains emu oil) for my little girl.

And then - at the insistence of the shop assistant who raved about it so much - the Salt Sea Glow body scrub.

Now, I've never used an exfolitaing scrub in my life and until I tried this I would have classed myself as a complete sceptic. But this is sensational.

The thing about it isn't so much that it feels good to give you skin a good scrub, it's how your skin looks, feels and smells after you've used it.

The oils and beeswax in it leave your skin positively glowing. No need to moisturise afterwards which is great as I can never be bothered.
Instead, it's straight out of the shower, into my Balineum towel (see last week's newsletter) and the day is guaranteed to get off to a good start.

In fact, I liked O.P. Therapy so much that I had a Victor Kiam moment. When I heard that it wasn't available in the UK, I asked whether I could stock it in our new warehouse shop.

So there it is - available on our website for one week only, in our shop (and in my shower) always.