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We’re paranoid about the sun back home in Australia, perhaps because we get to see it more than twice a year.

My mum spent most of my childhood warning my sister and me about the dangers of sunburn and even now she won’t let me out of the house without a hat and sunscreen.

So I take sunscreen seriously. And the best one I’ve found is called P20. Its primary attraction is that you genuinely only have to put it on once a day; it’s also waterproof and has an SPF of 20.

It’s not exactly cheap and takes an hour or so to take effect, but if you put it on first thing in the morning, then you can spend the whole day in the sun without even worrying about what the rays are doing to your skin.

That’s if you can find some rays. We’re off to Corsica for a week in a few days’ time – so I might even get a chance to use it this year.