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Pancake Day: Toss away the norm

If the thought of reaching for the traditional cinnamon, lemon and sugar has your stomach wincing with dietary tedium, spice up your pan-flipping with some off-kilter approaches to Shrove Tuesday...

Pan Up with Mancakes

If Valentine’s Day has introduced far too much soppiness into the air, it could be time to redress the balance.  Willcookforfriends has done for pancakes what Yorkie has done for chocolate, and given its pancakes a good ol’ dose of testosterone.  Its secret ingredient is none other than a pint of the black stuff, or any other alehouse tipple that takes your fancy.  Simply add half a pint of your favourite ale into the mixture, throw some fried bacon into the mix, and heat up the other half pint with your maple syrup topping; a recipe bold enough to put hairs on your chest, have you subscribing to Sky Sports and refrain from asking for travel directions.

Click here for the recipe.

Revel in Rich Red Velvet

The most indulgent thing you can do to your body this Tuesday is treat it to some mouth wateringly delicious red velvet pancakes.  These taste bud tantalizers involve juicy raspberries, red food colouring and lashings of cream cheese, along with a dollop of chocolate sauce.   Just make sure one of the things you give up for lent is looking at the bathroom scales and keep repeating to yourself that ‘calories’ is just a word...

Click here for the recipe.

Beat-the-bulge Batter

If your body is a temple, Shrove Tuesday can easily become a day of pained abstinence.  For guilt free flipping, why not try these healthy Blueberry Pancakes with Cashew Mango Cream by the Hemsley sisters to satiate your appetite and keep your stomach as flat as the contents of your pan?

Click here for the recipe.

Polychrome your Plate

Nothing entices the kids to stay at the dinner table like a plateful of rainbow coloured pancakes, bright enough to put their crayons to shame.  Easy to make and easy to recruit junior helpers to lend a hand with, simply separate the batter into smaller bowls.  Use a different food colouring for each bowl, throwing in a few drops of corresponding flavoured essence for variety of taste, and pour into the pan.

Click here for the recipe. 

Go Picturesque

If you’re more inclined to wander towards an easel than the stove, why not combine the two by taking an artistic approach to batter pouring and dabbling in the craze known as Pancake Art.  From animals, to names, to famous buildings, the possibilities are limitless; and if you believe you are what you eat you could even try your hand at a self portrait.

For a head start, take a glance at this online tutorial....  

... and should your creative efforts go askew in the pan and your pancakes start looking a bit Picasso, you can always claim your art is simply...  ahead of its time?!