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Panty Postman

I don't want to make any of you feel bad (or worse than I felt when I read it), but the average lifespan of a single pair of knickers is apparently only three months.

That is according to The Panty Postman, a subscription service that promises to make sure you never run out of knickers again.

The idea behind it is that you take a few minutes to choose
your brand, colour, size and type of knickers - and four times
a year after that a package will arrive through your letterbox
with enough supplies to get you through the next quarter.

The concept was originally devised as a way to help men who were always running out of socks, but has been successfully adapted by the girls at top London boutique Coco Ribbon.

And the even better news is that between now and June 20th they are running a competition offering you the chance to win a year's free subscription.

To enter just click on the image to the left - and the days of scrabbling around at the back of your knicker drawer could soon be over.