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My two-year-old boy is obsessed with cars. Obsessed. He can barely speak, but already he can practically tell you the make of every car on our road.

He can recognise a Fiat Cinquecento from 100 yards and a VW Beetle from even further. But – proving he has immaculate taste like his mother(!) – his real favourite is the Mini Cooper.

I've lost count of the number of streets we have marched up and down Mini Cooper spotting, but I think I now know where every owner in South London lives.

Anyway, that is a roundabout way of telling you that I have just bought a vinyl sticker of a car (a Beetle, sadly) for his bedroom wall from a brilliant French company called Paristic.

Paristic (as the pun in the name tells you) is based in Paris and sells stickers.

Except these aren't any stickers – they're brilliantly designed, they're often very witty and they're the kind of thing that you'd be as happy to have in your bedroom or living room as to put in a kid's room.

To prove the point, we're now thinking of having one of those distinctive Art Deco Paris Metro arches above our bed

The stickers are pretty easy to put up and - even better – they peel off without leaving a mark.

So, although they're not cheap, when your child grows out of cars or you want to swap your Parisien rooftops for a more rustic look at least there's no redecorating to be done.