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Pierre Herme Macaroons

If the French excel at two things above all others, it is retail merchandising and pastry making. So a French pastry shop is always likely to be amazing - and doubly so when it belongs to Pierre Herme, the most celebrated pastry chef in France.

Pierre Herme is to pastries what Tom Ford is to fashion - his twice-yearly collections are eagerly awaited and there is a seemingly permanent queue outside his shop in Paris.

Well, now he has opened a shop in London, which I somehow stumbled on while out with my children last weekend.

(It's in an area where everything is well beyond my means, everything that is apart from a box of macaroons.)

Needless to say it was the stunning display in the window that caught my attention - a spiral of beautifully coloured confections, each one a mouthwatering work of art.

I have very little self-control when it comes to macaroons, but a £6.24 price tag for a box of four does help somewhat.

A green one for my three-year-old boy, a purple one for my five-year-old daughter, a sublimely delicious rose-flavoured one for me and a chocolate one for my husband, who was out watching the rugby.

And that was the one I enjoyed eating most at about 9 o'clock that evening after he had failed to make it home for the kids' bedtime...

To buy Pierre Herme macaroons online, visit his website at