Don't miss


There aren't too many upsides to spending 24 hours cooped up in an aeroplane with a four-month-old baby, but it does at least give you a chance to catch up on a few films that you've missed.

And also a few you didn't know you'd missed – such as French romantic comedy Hors de Prix (Priceless).

The film itself is good enough – Audrey Tautou plays a young gold-digger who mistakenly falls in love with a penniless barman who is working at the hotel on the French Riviera where she is staying with her sugar daddy du jour.

(She thinks he is a guest and dumps him as soon as she realises her mistake, although not before she has spent what little money he had.)
Needless to say, love eventually conquers all, although the French seem to manage this with a lot more style and a lot less sugar than Hollywood seems to do.

But talking about style - the real reason you need to see the film is for the clothes Tautou wears. They are truly unbelievable. I could have watched the film in French (or without headphones) just to drool over the clothes.

What I wouldn't give to have a body like Tautou's. And a budget like her on-screen sugar daddy!