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Pyjama Sales Soar

New figures out today claim that more than four in ten of us are now the proud owners of a pair of pyjamas, with the popularity of evenings in, the recession and even the rise in the number of people working from home fuelling the rise.

That compares with just 29 per cent in 2000, with women the most devoted to slipping on a pair of pyjamas when they are at home - 49% own a pair compared with just 35% of men.

Tamara Sender, resident fashion expert at market analyst Mintel, which carried out the research, said: "This could be because pyjama sets for men have an old-fashioned image and tend to be associated with the traditional button-up top and stripy ensemble."

Pyjamas for both men and women have long had a bad press - traditionally they have been either very dowdy and conservative or seemingly designed for five-year-olds. However, we have always believed that there is a big and growing market for cool, contemporary but comfortable pyjamas and this research (and our fast-growing customer base) only reinforces that belief.

And it's not just pyjamas that are seeing big growth during the economic downturn, according to Mintel. The whole loungewear sector has been on the up, "with people looking for a third wardrobe to wear after coming home from work and to lounge around in before going to bed".