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Rocket Gardens

Even before the world economy did a swallow dive off a very tall cliff, there was a growing (excuse the pun) movement towards real food - fresh, seasonal, locally produced, organic etc.

Well, food doesn't come fresher, more seasonal and more locally produced than what you grow at home and, thanks to companies like Rocket Gardens, you now don't even have to have a garden to grow your own.

I first came across the Conwall-based company at the Spirit of Christmas fair last November, where it was actually their Children's Garden that caught my eye.

(There's nothing a week of hardly seeing from your children to inspire a guilt-driven purchase - and the fact that the Children's Garden doesn't require any gardening expertise makes it very attractive to serial plant killers like me.)

But of course this is actually a much better time of year to buy.

The concept is basically this - Rocket Gardens offer a range of different gardens to suit different environments and different budgets.
The window box garden (£24.99), for instance, is as you may have guessed for those of us who live in cities and have little in the way of space.

The large vegetable garden (£54.99) on the other hand contains enough plants to fill a 20 sq m plot and should provide the equivalent of £500 of organic vegetables from a supermarket.

Rocket Gardens then grow the vegetables from seed for you to the stage where they can be transported (and where hopefully you can't kill them!) and then hand over responsibility to you.

You meanwhile save money, have fun and get some great tasting veg at the end of it. What's not to like about that?