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Sacred Gin

I'm not much of a drinker and so when a bottle of gin unexpectedly lands on my desk one Friday, I barely know what to do with it.

Actually, I know perfectly well what to do – I summon my husband (who does the drinking for both us in our family) and the girls in the office for a taste test.

I should explain the bottle has been sent to us by Ian Hart, who hand distils Sacred Gin using a 17th Century Dutch formula in a micro-distillery in Highgate, north London.

The women in his office, he explains, are fans of the hush newsletter and he wonders whether – if we like it - we would feature Sacred Gin.
Well, that sounds like an excuse for a drink to me and so that afternoon someone (I think it was me) is despatched to buy some tonic, some nibbles and a lemon or two.

The verdict? The consensus on the gin is a very big thumbs-up. Much smoother than your normal gin – less of that lingering aftertaste than some gins can have.

And it's not just our untrained palates that are impressed - at the Ginmasters 2009 blind tasting a week or so later Sacred Gin was named Overall Category Winner.

The secret apparently has something to do with the fact that it is distilled at a much lower temperature than normal gin – and therefore doesn't lose the subtle flavours and scents.

I don't know much about that, but I do know that we enjoyed our Friday drinks so much that we have now made it a weekly ritual.

So if you call our office after 4pm on a Friday and the person you speak to is even more friendly than usual, you'll know why.

And who to thank!