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Sheerluxe Online Shopping Awards 2011

Hush may have Australian roots but we’re typically British in our self-deprecating tendencies.  We’re not big ones for yelling our achievements from the rooftops and we believe a recommendation from a happy customer to be the most telling reward. As a result, customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Saying that, it’s always nice to be acknowledged, and this week we were pleased as punch to hear we’d come first in the ‘Lounge & Nightwear’ category of this year’s Sheerluxe Online Shopping Awards. Now Mandy’s not about to ‘do a Gwynnie’ (how could anyone forget that tearful Oscar acceptance speech) and, as mentioned, we’re not ones to boast... but what a great way to end the week!

Thank you to everyone who voted and to those of you who do a great job in recommending us daily!