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All my barrister friends are phenomenally sniffy about Silk, the recent six-part BBC legal drama that is now available on DVD.

Despite the fact that the show was written by a barrister, they complain that it is unrealistic, legally inaccurate, ethically unsound etc. etc.

All of which may or may not be true, but who cares? Peter Moffatt (who also wrote the excellent Criminal Justice for the BBC, as well as the likes Kavanagh QC) knows how to write a good drama and Silk is certainly that.

The series is basically framed around two barristers in the same chambers, one campaigning female (Martha Costello, played by Maxine Peake) and one very smooth and cynical male (Clive Reader, played by Rupert Penry-Jones), who are rivals for a single position as QC.

Supporting cast include the two juniors assigned to these two principals, as well as the excellent Billy Lamb, the unscrupulous chief clerk of chambers, who consistently manages to outmanoeuvre Reader and the other barristers trying to oust him.

If you saw it when it was on TV recently, then you will know all this already, but if not the box set is now out and well worth a watch.

Barristers may watch it only to spot the ‘mistakes’ and critics may complain that there is nothing particularly original in it, but the rest of us are happy to be given a glimpse of a world that we have little experience of.

And to be entertained an hour at a time by some good acting and really entertaining storylines.

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