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Snow Patrol

You know you've reached middle age when the gigs you go to take place in the Royal Albert Hall rather than in a sweaty city centre basement or in some muddy field in Somerset.

However, for some reason when we went to see
Snow Patrol last week I expected to be at the higher end of the age spectrum – and was a bit disappointed to discover I was very much in the company of fellow fortysomethings.

That, however, was the sum of my disappointment because the gig itself was brilliant – lots of songs like Run and Chasing Cars that I had heard masses of times beforehand and plenty that I hadn't.

The first half of the gig – yes, it did have an interval – was a lot of the slower folky songs, punctuated by the band's obvious thrill at playing in such amazing surroundings.

The second half we were all on our feet and, if not dancing, then at least swaying a bit from foot to foot with the occasional need to lean back against our seat to rest our aging feet/ limbs/back!

My slightly less enthusiastic husband (which admittedly wasn't difficult given my state of excitement) complained that the songs all sound the same.

He has a point, but if you like how they sound, then that's no bad thing. And I do, so I have been busy over the past week downloading all the tracks that I hadn't heard before and many that I have.

Here are my five favourites - I hope you enjoy them too:

You Could Be Happy
How To Be Dead
Crack The Shutters
Set Fire to the Third Bar
The Planets Bend Between Us