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What is it with men and swimming shorts? Perhaps it’s the sun, perhaps it’s some kind of pre-holiday hysteria, but it is an undeniable truth that men are incapable of choosing a nice pair of swimming shorts.

Even guys with otherwise impeccable taste will suffer what we kindly attribute to a temporary loss of vision when faced with choosing what to inflict on other beachgoers.

That’s why it’s imperative that women take matters into their own hands and do the shopping for them – and they don’t have to move from the comfort of their own house to do it.

StarBlu is a new mail-order company started by a friend of mine from Hong Kong with a similar mission to us here at hush – to combine style and comfort.

And it has a really good selection of prints for men (and boys) on its website.

And not a pair of tight-fitting briefs to be seen…