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The best of...Spirit of Summer

It was nice to see so many hush customers at the Spirit of Summer fair last weekend and, it being the first show and therefore not as busy as its older sibling Spirit of Christmas, even nicer to have the time actually to have a chat.

One of the drawbacks about a predominantly mail-order business is that you don't get that first-hand interaction and it was invaluable for me to hear your comments and suggestions.

It was also a great opportunity to have a look at some of the other stands and meet some of the other exhibitors, all of whom were delightful.

For those of you who weren't there, these are just a few of my favourites:

Village Workshop
Once a term my little girl is maker baker for her class. Which means once a term I get home from work, race up to Sainsbury's with Rosie in her nightie to buy a packet mix cake. Last time I forgot to buy eggs, which really added to the joy of baking with your three-year-old at 8.00 at night. But not this term now I've discovered Village Workshop. No trip to the supermarket and no eggs required and the end result is way more impressive than a Victoria Sponge packet mix.

I knew of Bellaju already because I have one of their dresses, but it was the first time I had met the two women who started it. Olivia and Tania are absolutely lovely, as are their embroidered crushed silk dresses. They sell predominantly through shops, but you can order directly from the website.

Dee Puddy
Theirs is always a gorgeous looking stand filled with beautiful vintage furniture plus unique and unusual finds.

Love Bakery
I met Samantha the owner of Love Bakery on the last day of the fair and I thought she was lovely. Then she delivered four of the most incredibly delicious cup cakes I've ever tasted to our stand which made me very happy we'd met and very relieved that we didn't meet on the first day of the fair. A shop on the Kings Road but they can deliver.

Aspiga's actually owned by a friend, so I have to declare an interest - but it's definitely worth checking out their range of gorgeous flip-flops. They have also just expanded their range of swimmers and beach cover-ups (including Bellaju).

Runaway Coast
If you have a little white weatherboard house by the sea or if you're in need of a great pair of summer slip-on shoes (see accessories)…