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The Big Short Break

You know sometimes you go to a restaurant and everything on the menu looks so delicious that you know whatever you order you're going to suffer from food envy.

Well, The Big Short Break is the travel equivalent – a menu of 52 short breaks brought to you in one beautifully produced book by short break specialists Original Travel.

Imagine, for instance, having to choose between a quick ski after supper under the midnight sun in Sweden or sea kayaking along the Dalmatian coast.

Or between driving around Havana in a vintage American car or watching rare turtles laying their eggs on an Omani beach.

Of course, if you have the time and money you don't have to choose – you can experience them all...and go dog sledding in Lapland as well.

But I leafed through this book with slightly mixed feelings – the pleasure of imagining myself on one of the 52 amazing holidays is tempered only by a vague disappointment that reading the book is as close as I'll probably get to many of them.

Still, like with that perfect menu, once I have accepted that I can't taste every dish, I can just relax and enjoy what's in front of me, in particular the exquisite photography that's a reminder of just how beautiful the world around is.

I'm planning on giving this as a Christmas present – but only after pinching the Original Travel card out of the back (which entitles you to reclaim the price of the book against the cost of one of the mini-breaks).

See you in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia next year?