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The Complete Woman - Stella Magazine

"I want to be able to carry my groceries and bend down to tie up my shoelaces when I'm 80," says Australian-born, London-based Mandy Watkins, the founder of the nightwear and loungewear label Hush.

She has recently taken up Broga ( ): "It's yoga for men. The focus is on core strength and toning. It really hurts but it's great. I've done lots of hot yoga too." She certainly has the wardrobe for it. She worked for Adidas in Australia and Hong Kong and is a big fan of its products. She also makes sure there are sweatpants in all her own collections (this season's is in a covetable star print).

During the week Watkins does sharp spurts of 30-minute sessions with a personal trainer from Organic Health & Fitness ( ). "I go at 6.30am three times a week, which is perfect as it fits in with the school run and work. It's mainly strength work and the sessions are short but intense."

Exercise has always been part of her life. "I played lots of sport as a kid and have always tried to keep healthy," she says. "I've been through phases of being obsessed - gym, morning and night - and phases of doing very little. But I struggled to do more than run for a bus when my kids were babies. Now I want them to understand the importance of regular exercise as they grow up, and I feel a responsibility to set an example."

Mandy's essentials

- I have a monthly full-body massage at Siam Beauty ( ).

- I've just bought an Emjoi Micro-Pedi device ( ), a battery-operated file that's great for removing hard skin. Like most Australians, I have a huge jar of Lucas' Papaw ointment ( ), which is used whenever anyone in the family has irritated skin.

- I'm pretty conscientious about food. For breakfast I'll have a banana smoothie with almond milk, dates and cinnamon with fruit or porridge, yogurt and muesli. My body no longer responds well to bread.

- I don't enjoy cooking but my husband does. He makes a sensational tuna tartare with avocado and a soy/ginger dressing, and a great lamb tagine as well.

- I do love chocolate. Amelia Rope ( ) and William Curley ( ) are my favourites - both expensive enough to keep my habit under control.

- I always take my make-up off but do little else. I'm not a huge believer in face creams and think that for great skin you need great skin genes and a healthy lifestyle. I do like the scent of Aesop body moisturiser ( ).

- For casual wear I'm always in my own label ( I also love Zara, Alexander Wang, Forte Forte and Scanlon & Theodore (an Australian brand).