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The Cosy Company

Anything with cosy in its name is sure to appeal to us here at hush – we love the whole idea of warm and snugly.

So we were very excited to try out a silk-filled duvet and pillow from The Cosy Company, a new mail-order company selling bedding “guaranteed to revolutionise your night's sleep”.

Did it live up to its promise? Well, I was initially sceptical. A duvet's just a duvet, isn't it? And anyway my night's sleep tends to depend more on my daughter than the quality of my bedding.

How wrong I was! Not only do they look great, but they are heavenly to sleep under – really light but also nice and warm.

So much so that when my husband was snoring the other night, I couldn't bring myself to abandon him for the other room as I normally would because I didn't want to leave the duvet!

The products aren't cheap – a duvet ranges from £105 for the three-tog single to £210 for the seven-tog super kingsize and a pillow is £35 – but, given how much time we spend in bed, I reckon it's a pretty good investment.

In fact, I immediately went out and bought a single duvet for my little daughter and a baby sleeping bag for the now very imminent new arrival.

I'm hoping that will encourage them to sleep as well as their mother!