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The Kite Runner

I imagine that many of you will already have read this book or, if not, you will have come across one of the many rave reviews it has been given.

In which case, I apologise, but I loved this book so much that I want everyone to read it.

The Kite Runner of the title is Hassan, an illiterate Afghan boy (whose name derives from his extraordinary ability to predict where a kite will land), and the destruction of his childhood friendship with Amir is very much the story of modern Afghanistan.

The book is by turns heartbreakingly sad, astonishingly beautiful, occasionally funny, deeply moving – and always compelling.

Isabel Allende is quoted on the cover saying that “for a while afterwards, everything else seemed bland” – and I know exactly what she means.

It is now three months since I read it and I still miss curling up in the evening and getting lost among the wonderful characters and swept along by the riveting storyline.

It is one of those books that make me sad that I will never be able to read it again for the first time...