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The Night Of The Sunflowers

I don't know whether it's the remnants of jetlag, a hush sale or the fact that I'm turning 40 this year, but recently I have found it really hard to stay awake much past 9.30 most evenings.

Which meant that I had to watch The Night Of The Sunflowers over two nights - an expensive business if you're renting the film by the night (as we were), but more than worth it in this instance.

A Spanish movie, it is the complete antithesis of most Hollywood thrillers - subtle, ambiguous and without the neat ending that the big US studios seem to require.

It's hard to describe the plot in detail without giving too much away, but it centres on the goings-on in a small village when one of its inhabitants discovers a cave and three outsiders - a potholer, his fiancee and assistant - arrive to investigate.

What I loved about the film is that all the characters are so everyday and believable (with the possible exception of the fiancee who is almost out-of-keeping because she is so beautiful).

That and the fact that the plot carries you on without resorting to the kind of set-piece fights and car chases that I would happily have slept through.

And the great thing about watching it over two nights is that you get double the enjoyment. And a good night's sleep.