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The Page Turner

I think when as a teenager I laid down my flute for the last time, it was something of a relief to all concerned.

I don't remember the musical world mourning the loss of one of its brightest prospects nor do I remembering harbouring murderous thoughts towards my music teacher for the premature end to my career.

Not so Mélanie, the eponymous heroine in this French revenge thriller.

Her whole life is geared to the dream of becoming a concert pianist until she fails the exam to a prestigious Conservatoire, her concentration broken when the chairwoman of the judges (Ariane Foucherot - herself a celebrated concert painist) thoughtlessly signs an autograph as she is playing.

Her musical ambitions thwarted, Melanie is consumed with the desire for revenge, applying for and getting a position as nanny to Ariane's son.

Impressed by her musical ability, Ariane employs her as her page turner and increasingly comes to depend upon her personally and professionally, unaware of course that she has been bearing this grudge for the past ten years.

It is the nature of this grudge that I struggled with most - The Page Turner is a very watchable thriller if you can accept the central plot premise, namely that someone would go to such lengths for revenge over a failed piano exam.

But maybe you were much better at the flute than I was...