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The Sleep Room

I love linen bed linen. I love it because it looks great. I love it because it feels beautiful to sleep on. I just love it, so much so that I paid more than I care to remember to get some linen sheets for our bed when I first came over to the UK.

That’s because at the time there were very few places this side of the Channel that sold it. I remember at one stage I did even look into sourcing it and selling it through hush, but I wasn’t sure at the time whether there were enough people who shared my obsession.

Thankfully, it seems there are as it is now much easier to find and we now have a set of beautiful linen sheets from The Sleep Room on our spare bed, to which I am regularly forced to retreat in the middle of the night to escape snoring husband or wandering children.

So what do I love about linen so much? Well, the first thing is it looks great - that slightly creased look (which I love because I hate ironing) combined with the muted colours they use. The Sleep Room, for instance, offers its linen in a choice of four shades - white, dusty pink, light grey and natural (all of which are very hush colours).

It also feels great to lie on - cool in summer, warm in winter (although I would happily boil/freeze if need be) and also very soft to the touch. And like a good wine (or a good woman) it gets better with age...

I could go on (and on) but if you still need convincing then the only way is to try it yourself. Which is why we have teamed up with The Sleep Room to offer you two fantastic opportunities to do just that.

Either you can visit The Sleep Room website where as a hush customer you will receive a free £30 laundry bag for any purchase you make.

Or you can enter our competition and win one of five Lazy Linen Bundles in a colour and size of your choice (worth between £155 and £240 each).

Or better still do both. The links below...

Click here to visit The Sleep Room website, which now offers everything for the bedroom from beds to bedroom furniture to cushions, bed linen etc.

Click here to enter our competition to win a Lazy Linen Bundle from The Sleep Room.