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Tim Hall

Before moving to the UK, I spent four and a half very happy years working in Hong Kong and – like so many people – fell in love with Asia while I was there.

I was on and off planes incessantly for work in my first couple of years and, although it was quite tiring, it meant I was lucky enough to visit almost all the countries in the region.

It was also while in Hong Kong that I first came across the photography of Tim Hall adorning the walls of the impossibly stylish flat of an impossibly stylish girl there.

And I instantly fell in love with them because in a single shot or a single face he managed to capture more about what is so fascinating about Asia than any number of my short work trips could hope to.

At the time, he did shoot mainly people – those wonderful timeless faces that make even the Star Ferry (my old commute to work) romantic.

Now, he is concentrating more on nature (and not specifically focussing on Asia) but with the same ability to capture the timeless and universal.

I particularly like his series Pilgrimage, shot in Varanasi (a city described as "older than history") which captures pilgrims cleansing themselves in the Ganges.

I think the image on the left, for instance, is absolutely beautiful - and there are plenty more on his website I would love to hang on the walls of my house.