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Top fitness trends for 2014 from the editor of Hip & Healthy, Sadie MacLeod

This month, we’re focussing on getting the year off to a healthy, more stylish start. In this special guest post, Sadie MacLeod, Editor of online luxury wellbeing magazine Hip & Healthy talks about the top five fitness trends for 2014. Thank you, Sadie!

 1.        SB Collective

New on the fitness circuit is the SB (skinny bitch) Collective, the brainchild of Russ Bateman.  What started as a cool, underground fitness trend tailored to sculpting the physiques of numerous london-based supermodels (hence the name), is fast becoming the go-to training regimen for women from all walks of lives whatever their body shape who want to train short and hard, seeing long-term results.  Top Tip: Due to the huge popular demand, there is a 2 week waiting list so register your interest now. Be warned though, the SB Collective is not the faint-hearted.

 2.        AquaSpinning

The future of spinning or a fad? I was unsure when I first heard about this, but once I tried it I realised it was neither. Aqua Spinning at Hydrofit claims a category all of its own. It’s spinning for the sybaritic spa-goer that doesn’t mind getting a bit wet to get results. A spin session here will see you riding a bike that is submerged into a luxury hydro bathtub, being gently massaged by water jets, whilst watching your own personal flat screen TV. A 30-minute workout will see you burn 300 calories and it does wonders for cellulite too. Top Tip: time your session with your favourite TV programme and watch the time fly! 

 3.        Antigravity Yoga

Founded and developed by the former world-class gymnast and Broadway dancer Christopher Harrison, AntiGravity Yoga is a form of yoga that uses a silky hammock to support you as you carry out yoga and Pilates moves all whilst you are suspended in the air. It is said to be great for those who want to exercise but suffer from joint pain and is a good for posture and body alignment. It is especially brilliant for flexibility and core strength. Top Tip: Wear long sleeved clothes and leggings to prevent the hammock from rubbing your skin. 

 4.        Barre

The workout is designed around the ballet barre, and features dynamic and static movements; isometric holds resulting in exercises that strengthen. It’s deceptively challenging but you will be having too much fun to notice. If you want the body of a dancer (and let’s face it, who doesn’t) then this is a great place to start. We love BarreCore for their array of different classes. You do not need any previous dance experience; you just need to lose all your inhibitions at the door. Especially in the BarreDance class. Take it from us. Top Tip: Take water in with you – you’ll be wanting to rehydrate throughout the class.

 5.        Fierce Grace Yoga

Brought to you from the woman behind Bikram Yoga here in the UK, Michele Pernetta, wanted to create a brand-new and totally unique hot yoga system: Fierce Grace. There are five classes based on a series of core poses, but each class has a different emphasis, duration and intensity to suit your experience, fitness, schedule, energy level and mood on any given day. ‘With our increasingly busy lifestyles, my students were asking for shorter classes, more variety and some were ready for more advanced yoga,’ Michele explains. ‘We’ve created some great yogis and I wanted to offer them progression and choice within my studios.’ Top Tip: Bring a spare top to go home in as you’ll sweat right through the one you’re wearing.