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Unwind with...Amelia Rope from Amelia Rope Chocolate

How did Amelia Rope Chocolate come about?
Really and truly from a heap of opportunities, serendipity and a ton of hard work and determination. Two major springboards were a fab and highly respected Food Editor, and a 'diamond geezer’ my mentor and entrepreneurial inspiration Patrick Reeves (Founder of Deliverance and now
My background is an eclectic one and bizarrely it has merged together with my chocolate company. I was a qualified aromatherapist (hence using organic aromatherapy oils to flavour my choc bars) and had studied herbal medicine and nutrition (my reason for wanting a product which is about quality and taste therefore consuming less). A random, spontaneous application to MasterChef several years ago opened the first door. They then asked me to compete the following year and after being recommended by the best cook bookshop (Books for Cooks in Notting Hill) to go to Valrhona for a chocolate course, I was on the road to becoming Amelia Rope Chocolate. As my friends will tell you I waffle so in a nutshell I had a unique vision of my crystallised flora and, well, Amelia Rope Chocolate was founded. I now produce handmade single origin chocolate bars using fine chocolate and top quality oils and/or Maldon Sea Salt. To my utter joy I won four Awards from the Academy of Chocolate this year (Patron: Michel Roux) and well, on with chocolate it is.

How do you relax/switch off?
With difficulty! I have a meditation downloaded on my laptop but now rebel from doing it on a regular basis, I need to get my yoga started with the busy autumn/Xmas season ahead. I love walking especially by the sea and when the sun is out that’s it for playing hooky from work! I have wonderful friends, love cooking and reading (mainly cookery books).

Favourite film?
Difficult one as I love so many movies. One which hangs in my mind is Piaf but I love Gerard Depardieu films especially the classics Manon des Sources & Jean des Florettes, dare I say Chocolat? (Purely for Johnny Depp)!

Favourite website or blog?
Way behind with blogging and knowing about them so as for my favourite website; I have a regular habit of reading the Evening Standard, google analytics (!) and daydreaming over holiday websites. I love Urban Junkies newsletters.

Whats the best advice you have ever been given?
Focus, keep it simple and remember to celebrate what you achieve.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Gothan Project - they inspire me to carry on learning the tango!

Favourite book?
Risotto with Nettles by Anna del Conte (for food) and Perfume –by Patrick Suskind.

Amelia Rope is the founder of Amelia Rope (chocolate bars available here at hush).