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Unwind with... Christina Russillo, director at Cowshed

This season we designed a range of pyjamas exclusively for Cowshed, a brand famous for its luxurious products and spas. Unwind with Christina Russillo, the brand's director...

Where did the idea for the collaboration with hush come from?
I have always admired Hush as a very authentic, luxury lifestyle brand, and as the matriarch of cosy loungewear I felt there would be a great opportunity to work together and create a snuggly edition to our Living range. Both our consumers look for the same high quality, feel good products and are seeking pure comfort and style. With this in mind, we have been working closing together to create the epitome of relaxed living - a set of soft cotton pyjamas adorned with our Knackered Cow print.

How do you relax/switch off?
It depends on the day; some days I need a Cowshed massage using our Knackered Cow Relaxing Bath & Body Oil to relieve tension, and some days a powerful workout at the gym helps to focus my mind. However, most days usually end on a similar note, with a glass of California wine from Napa Valley to unwind.

Favourite book?
It would have to be As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner. Faulkner was one of the first authors that made me fall in love with reading at an early age. I love the tone of voice he uses and admire his ability to illustrate the mundane and paint vivid images with such beautifully detailed prose.

Favourite film?
I have many favourite films and always find this question a difficult one to answer, because I love so many. Like our Cowshed products, my choice of film usually depends on my mood.

Favourite blog/website?
I regularly check Liberty London Girl for design, fashion and food inspiration and always keep my eye on South Molton Street Style and to ensure I stay on top of the latest trends. Working for a leading luxury beauty and lifestyle brand we need to ensure our NPD is in line with customer demands.

What's your guilty pleasure?
I actually have two guilty pleasures:
High Heels - I have a different pair of heels for each day of the week.
Cheese – I will always choose a cheese board over a dessert any day, in fact most days!

What's the best advice you've ever been given?
Keep a good work life balance. Your health and mental well-being is the most important thing in life, so ensure to factor in some me time every day for yourself. Whether it is 10 minutes or one hour, taking time to exhale and breathe is a very powerful tool in business.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Jill Scott - the light of the sun

What's your secret for a good night's sleep?
Calling my family and hearing familiar voices.

Hush for Cowshed pyjamas and pj trousers, available from

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