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Unwind with: Ruth Crilly, of

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Ruth Crilly and I run a style and beauty site called A Model Recommends. I’ve been a fashion model for about twelve years now but I focus on writing and making videos for my website and I also present video for other brands and channels. It’s a very satisfying mix!

How did you get into modelling?
When I was in my second year of law school I sent off a snapshot to Models1 in London for a competition they were running. They got back to me about six months later after I’d totally forgotten about it and the rest is history – I left uni and set off for London!

How do you relax/switch off?
I do a lot of reading. A LOT. But recently I’ve got into watching television – something I haven’t really done for a few years. I’m obsessed with an American series called Dexter and also Masterchef when it’s on….

Favourite book?
Probably the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s a gorgeous book. I’m also very into short stories – I buy the Granta collections and I love Annie Proulx.

Favourite film?
I’d love to say something really arty and intelligent here, but the truth is that my favourites are things that I can watch on my own when I have PMT – massive glass of red wine (for the heart), little bar of dark chocolate and a good old cry. Love Actually, Legends of the Fall, anything that comes on that’s a bit schmaltzy and girly! I can pretty much cry at anything if I’m in the right mood.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
I can’t think of a singular piece, it’s more of an amalgamation of lots of tips. I knew that I always wanted to work for myself and so I took the risk from an early age, I’ve been self-employed since the age of twenty and it’s staying that way that keeps me working hard to make things happen! There’s no piece of advice that I could make into a pretty phrase, it’s just all about working hard and keeping focus on what you want out of life, I think. Though a friend once said to me “there’s only one you”. I’m not sure that’s advice but I try to keep it in mind at all times when I start comparing myself to other people!

What are you listening to at the moment?
The sound of the cat tearing apart the carpet outside my office door. It’s his new “thing”. I have to keep spraying him in the face with things and flapping books at him. Some music would be good but I can’t work with any noise whatsoever, so it’s just household sounds for now!

What is your favourite love song?
Phil Collins "Against All Odds". (Don't tell anyone.)

What’s your favourite thing about Spring?
Being able to turn the central heating off.

Ruth is the writer behind one of our favourite blogs,