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Walk on Water

Our local video shop is closing down and so they have been selling off ex-rental DVDs for next to nothing - which is how I came across Walk On Water.

By the time I made it along to the sale, all the big blockbusters had gone, leaving only a lot of rubbish and the occasional hidden gem like this one from Israel.

The plot in short is this: a Mossad assassin (Eyal) is hired to kill a Nazi war criminal who escaped to Argentina after the war and is rumoured still to be alive.

To do this he befriends Alex, the Nazi's grandson, while he is on a visit to Israel to see his sister (who is working on a kibbutz there).

And it is this relationship which is the centrepiece of the film as Eyal and Alex challenge each other's prejudices - and are forced to confront the ghosts of their respective pasts.

Without giving too much away, the climax of the film comes when Eyal accompanies Alex to his father's 70th birthday party, where the guest of honour is, of course, Alfred Himmelman, the Nazi Eyal has been hired to kill.

Emotionally challenging and thought provoking, it may not be an easy film to track down, but it's worth the effort.