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We're listening to... Goldfrapp

We’ve been listening to our favourite Goldfrapp tracks in anticipation of their new album this month. The duo is made up of Alison Goldfrapp and silent partner Will Gregory, who record electronic music at their studio in the English countryside.

Glam-pop track ‘Ooh La La’ was one of their first international hits and featured on their third album, Supernature. Alison has been described as ‘the most exciting thing in British pop, our answer to Kylie and Madonna’ – as it would happen, Madonna would later be seen carrying a copy of this album to the gym.

A lot has happened since their last album in 2010 and we can't wait for the release of their next album, 'Tales Of Us'. Two years in the making, it shows a move away from punchy pop and a darker, more stylised offering which critics are calling 'sensuous', 'intimate' and akin to an aural equivalant of film noir.

 ‘Tales Of Us’ is out this month.