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William Curley

As any parent of young children knows, it's sometimes difficult to keep the little darlings entertained over a weekend, let alone a whole bank holiday.

The thought of another morning at the playground can make the blood freeze, so on the advice of a friend, we decided to take them for a walk along the South Bank last Saturday.

And what a fantastic suggestion it was – we walked straight off the bus and straight into something called The London Chocolate Fair!

Already, this day was turning out well (and certainly a lot better than pushing a swing back and forth 1,000 times) – but it was just about to get a whole lot better when I came across the William Curley stand.

Now, I like my chocolate and I reckon I'm something of an aficionado but this name was new to me so (in the name of curiosity/research/greed/Easter) I made a small purchase.

And thus it is with complete confidence (and a slight feeling of guilt!) that I can now recommend the William Curley white chocolate and raspberry bar.

(The guilt stems from the fact that my husband actually did the buying and, when he asked a day or so later where the bar was,
I had to confess it had "gone to a better place".)

Now, I realise this all comes a bit too late for this weekend and unless you can get to the shop in Richmond, all you'll be able to do is drool over the chocolate eggs online.

But there is always next year - or indeed the 360-odd days in between.
After all, remember the old saying - 'Chocolate is for life, not just for Easter!'