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Our autumn/winter 10 collection is here

Our autumn/winter collection is here at last with lots of new styles, new colours, new prints and new fabrics - and all on a new website.

Things you might otherwise miss: After seven years, we have given our pyjama shirts a bit of a facelift, with new buttons, a gently scooped hem and a slightly more fitted look. Our pyjama trousers we have kept the same, although you can now buy them separately in all three sizes and in regular or long length.

Another hush staple - our much-imitated cardigown (above) - has also been modified to give a bit more coverage and is made in a heavier knit than previously. Our overized jumpers are now available in three sizes to give everyone just the right amount of bagginess. And we have removed the angora from the looser knit garments to stop pilling.

These are just some of the subtler changes that we have made in our ongoing attempt to do what we do even better than before. The more obvious ones include the many new styles in the range, in particular the enhanced selection of dresses, the expanded cashmere collection and the enlarged range of basics, which now includes several different layering options.

And of course this new website. There are bound to be a few teething troubles at the beginning, but we are confident that as soon as we have sorted those out we will be able to offer you a shopping experience that compares favourably with anywhere else online, as well of course as our commitment to providing a lvel of customer service that bigger companies cannot hope to match.

As always, please let us know what you think and, if you like what you see/buy, feel free to tell your friends!