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Wish we were... discovering the Joy Of Missing Out

How many of us, when we relax, actually switch off? And how many, pursued by iPhones, BlackBerries and the like, fall prey to the urge to just dip into our email or post a picture of that perfect view or delicious meal on Facebook…

According to recent research, the constant pressure of social media is the latest in a long line of issues driven by social media to affect busy women. This has got us thinking that really switching off every once in a while might actually be a good idea.
So, join us this month in carving out a few hours this month to unplug and enjoy the following:

- Don’t sleep with your phone within arm’s reach, buy an alarm clock

- When you wake up (no emails allowed!) go for a run or do some yoga

- Get outside and take time to notice the world around you

- Sit down to a meal with family and friends, no phones allowed!

- Read a few pages of a really good book before falling asleep on the sofa

- Curl up to watch a movie with a bag of popcorn

- Choose to light a few candles and soak in a piping hot bubble bath