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Wish we were...Enjoying a nostalgic afternoon

As much as we all love the lure of fresh air at the weekend, the odd rainy Sunday calls for something different. Sometimes the oldies are the best and we think that’s definitely the case with these classic board games. You’ll be surprise how even the most reluctant family member gets swept up in the fun.

The best selling board game in the world. One to play with aspiring economists - just make sure you keep a close eye on the money pot!

A card game that’s really easy to pick up and great to play with children, this will guarantee hours and hours of fun for the whole family.

With a set apparently to be found in every three homes, Scrabble once even had its own spin-off TC show. An old favourite that’s barely changed over the years.

This fast paced (and absolutely hilarious) game has been in the UK adult top 10 games each year since its release in 1992. One to play after the kids go to bed.

A pictorial version of charades, you need to be fast on the draw (quite literally) as you give your team visual clues to help them guess what’s on your card.

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