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Wish we were... making some real resolutions

We all know January is about making a clean start for the year but the inevitable resolutions to eat less, exercise more, become and Amazonian goddess etc. are getting a bit old to say the least. So this year we want to put our efforts towards achieving something with a little more long-term value.

Splash out beyond the usual kitchen repertoire
If your evening meals are more TV dinner than TV worthy, why not break away from routine and try something a little different in 2012, even if you're the only one at the table?

Watch the 125 greatest films of all time
Click here for a definitive list comprising of 5 genre categories with 25 films in each category. Have a look to see how many you've already watchd and see if you're up to the challenge.

Read a worthwhile book (or twelve!)
We all love curling up in our pyjamas with a good book. Even better are the books you can't put down, the ones you'd seriously contemplate reading in the shower. How about tackling the top 100 novels of all time? Click here.

Appreciate the smaller things in life
Make 2012 the year you appreciate the little things in your life that otherwise just go by without you noticing: takethe scenic route; stop and enjoy breakfast; take a nice, long hot bath...