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Wish we were… sharing our home with guests

Having relatives to stay over Christmas can be stressful, so here are some tips to avoid last-minute panicking and make your holiday guests feel at home…

A glass or carafe of water on the bedside table will spare them from feeling uncomfortable getting up in the night in a strange home.

Make sure they have space to hang things up so they don’t have to drape their things on the back of chairs.

A bedside lamp will help set a calm atmosphere whether they’re reading in bed or getting ready in the morning.

Use your guests as an excuse to get some fresh flowers, or a pretty bar of soap – these little touches will make your guests feel welcome.

Leave a pile of magazines and a few good books by the bed that they can enjoy at their leisure.

Have the hair dryer handy, or tell the guests where it is so they don’t have to ask.

A notecard jotted with important information like the internet username and password makes it easy for guests to get online.

Let them know what time you’re likely to be padding about in the morning, or if you’re planning on having a lie-in.

Spending a few days with friends and family is a real luxury so, most of all, try not to worry too much. It doesn’t matter if things don’t match, there is nothing more welcoming than a home.