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Wool & The Gang

I shouldn't be encouraging anyone to take up knitting – after all, if you all become experts at purling and frogging and the like, you won't need to buy your knitwear from hush.

But I have no problem introducing you to Wool & The Gang, a company set up for people like me who like the idea of making something from scratch but lack any of the necessary skills and the time to learn them.

That is in part because I think it is a great idea – and I think great ideas deserve as much publicity as they can get - and in part because it is quite expensive, so it is never likely to be your first port of call when you need a new woolly hat.

For instance, the kit for the snood (Snood Dogg) I made cost me £70 – that was the cost of the wool, the needles and the instructions, all of which came delivered to my door.

To be fair, it is really lovely Peruvian wool and big thick wooden knitting needles, and there is the added convenience of a website with instruction videos to help those of us who need a bit of extra guidance.

But I would have to say it was worth the money because not only do I have a lovely chunky snood, but I also have the sense of achievement that comes with knowing that I made it myself.

(Two of my husband's friends dropped by one night when I was knitting away on the sofa in my pyjamas – I think they thought I made the hush range myself!)

Anyway, you can get that sense of achievement for a slightly lower price, the snood is not the cheapest items – the kit for the beanie in alpaca costs £45 and there are a number of things in that £50-£60 price range.

If of course you couldn't care less about the sense of achievement, you can buy your chosen item already knitted (by experts in the form of the good Peruvian women of Puno) – although that does rather defeat the object.

And anyway you wouldn't dream of buying your knitwear anywhere but hush, would you?!