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ZaraMama Gourmet Popcorn

We went down to Brighton last weekend. My mother-in-law very kindly had the kids and we had one of those weekends that we probably could have had much more pre-children, but didn’t – or did, but didn’t appreciate.

However, you’re never completely off duty (either as a mum or owner of a mail-order company), so on the rare occasions that I managed to tear myself away from the brilliant book I was reading (of which more at a later date) I did quite a bit of wandering around the shops.

And that’s where I came across this home cinema popcorn pack from ZaraMama – a nicely packaged treat for my children and for the rest of us who like nothing better than a night on the sofa in front of a good film.

I really like popcorn and, because nothing is more associated with the cinema, I have been searching for a good popcorn brand for a while to recommend and perhaps to sell on our website. (We have regular tasting sessions, with my children as the ultimate arbiters.)

But this is the best I've found. At £10 a pack (each of which will make 10 bags of popcorn), it's also quite a nice gift, although postage if you buy online is prohibitively expensive. However, luckily they're in quite a few shops up and down the copuntry so getting hold of it shouldn't be a major problem.

Just make sure you read our blog next week for a great film recommendation to go with it...