Six Communities We Love

Inspired by our interview with Pam Warhurst, the founder of Incredible Edible Network (which helps communities across the UK grow their own produce), we've rounded up six more initiatives aimed at bringing people together to do something positive. 

From getting active, to helping the environment, these groups might just spark an idea for you to start your own…

Bee Friendly Trust

Bee Friendly Trust create habitats to help bees thrive. They plant bee-friendly flowers and create micro wildlife gardens in urban centres and beyond in a bid to save the humble honey bee. Nominate a neglected green space near you to become a bee friendly habitat.

Let’s Ride Breeze

It doesn’t matter if you’re keen to keep fit or looking to meet new people, HSBC UK Breeze offers fun, free bike rides for women of all abilities across the country. Aimed at getting one million more women on their bikes by 2020, Breeze is championing female pedal power.

Incredible Edible Network

Incredible Edible believes that communities can be connected by the power of food. Their network, built of groups all over the country, grows fruit and vegetables in disused public spaces to put food back at the heart of local communities.

London Girls Surf Club

Trapped in the City? London Girls Surf Club encourages landlocked ladies to go surfing as a way of getting out of the city and out of their heads. As a lifestyle and sport that is becoming increasingly popular, LGSC is a community inspiring women to use surfing as a way of calming their chaotic minds.

Reading Groups For Everyone

Whether you’re aiming to join one or set one up, Reading Groups for Everyone is the UK’s largest book group network, connecting readers in local areas. Meeting in all kinds of places and made up of all kinds of the people, members all share their common love for literature.

Mental Health Mates

A safe space, created by journalist Bryony Gordon, to walk and talk about problems without fear of judgement. With meet-ups all around the country and overseas, Mental Health Mates holds regular organised walks for people with mental health issues.