Beautiful Day

It’s quite a daunting prospect being asked to review a book by the author herself, particularly if she is someone you know. What happens if I don’t like it? Do I keep quiet? Or do I have to explain why I haven’t mentioned it?

But I knew from the letter that accompanied Kate Anthony’s debut novel Beautiful Day that the woman could write...and that she was very funny.

And the book is testament to both. It’s witty throughout, perhaps too much so at times – and well-written, which makes it a very easy and entertaining book to read. I read it in 48 hours…

The story starts with heroine and mother-of-three Rachel’s first day back at work at the Clifton Avenue Care Home as she tries to rebuild her life as a newly single woman after her husband has left her for another woman.

And it explores the complex emotions that come with trying to juggle a new job, children and an ex-husband – and how a friendship with a patient Philip is her salvation.

I particularly enjoyed the letter Rachel writes (but never sends) to her husband’s new woman – an absolute masterpiece of the genre and one that I intend to use word for word if my husband ever decides to run off with a younger model.

If I were to venture one criticism it would be that the characters didn’t really surprise me – they were too much archetypes.

But I did enjoy it a lot…and I look forward to reading Kate’s follow-up novel, which I understand is already in production.

Beautiful Day by Kate Anthony