Female DJ Duos: BitterSweet DJs

Both radio presenters with their own shows on Hoxton Radio, Charlotte and Ashley have recently joined forces (and music tastes) to become BitterSweet – a DJ duo with a unique sound. Plus, they live together, so it made sense to combine their never-ending record collections...

How did you break into the music scene? 

Charlotte: After some TV presenting I got a job on Hoxton Radio. It was there my real passion came to light and I taught myself how to DJ. 

Ashley: I started doing radio when I was 16 doing work experience at BBC Radio Cumbria, but I suppose I truly broke into it when I got my own show on Hoxton Radio!

Did you always want to be a DJ? 

C: Yes, from as long ago as I can remember. My parents would have parties and I’d be the one in charge of changing the records when I was really young. (Well, until it was near my bed time.) I love the ability to create a mood or vibe via music, it never gets boring.

A: I was always passionate about music - as a child I would record my favourite songs on tapes and interview my parents for the adverts! But DJing wasn't something I knew much about until I was much older. I'd hear bad DJ's at events and think I could learn to do this better than them! That's when I decided to go for lessons.

What does your summer schedule look like?

C: Summer is always busy as we do a lot of big fashion parties and festivals. We made our festival debut at Mighty Hoopla, and will also be performing at Farr Festival and BARE Festival in Ireland. 

Best gig ever? 

A: That's a tough one. For me it was probably Mighty Hoopla, as it was our first festival and the crowd went wild. But I'll still remember our first ever gig in our local pub! 

C: Mighty Hoopla was amazing, but I also loved our Glamour Woman of the Year awards set. It was so humbling and inspiring to be in a room with so many wonderfully strong, talented, creative women and allow them to let loose with our playlist! 

Dream place to headline? 

C: For me it would be Glastonbury. I'd love to be a part of British musical history. 

A: Coachella - for the line-up, the location, and the guaranteed sunshine!

Summer anthem? 

A: That would have to be One Kiss by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa! It always gets such a good reaction when we play it.

Track that gives you goosebumps? 

C: Until The End Of Time by 2Pac. I think it is beautifully written and it’s so sad to have lost such an amazing talent so early on!

A: Daniel Caesar's track Get You featuring Kali Uchis.

Favourite track to get the party started?

A: Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott always goes down well. Or we have a cool mash-up of Lean Back with Nicki Minaj's Chun-Li. We like mixing new and old school music together.

C: It has to be Cardi B right now, people go crazy for her! Either Bodak Yellow or I Like It.

Favourite closing track? 

A: Into You by Fabulous or a classic Usher or Craig David track. It's got to be something for the lovers to have a snog to and for everyone else to be able to wind down to (whilst singing their heart out).

Next music venture?  

C: We have lots of plans to grow our brand, but mainly we want to play at more festivals and international gigs. 

I never travel without…

C: I always travel with my own tea bags, I'm a bit of a tea snob!

A: Bikinis, sunglasses, SPF, cute dresses, my diving things, my USB - just in case I get to DJ! 

My suitcase essentials are…

C: A lock... No, not really. It would be my travel speaker, you can start a party anywhere with your own speakers.

A: My headphones and a battery pack for my phone! I can't imagine life without music whether at the airport or the beach. 

Desert island beauty product (we’ll give you SPF)…

Both: Anything by IMAGE Skincare. They are just magical.

Over packer or under packer?

A: We are total over packers! I’d rather be prepared for any eventuality than spend my time away wishing we had something.

Summer style uniform? 

C: That would have to be denim, everything denim! Especially blue denim.

A: Floral dresses and sandals. 

Poolside book?

C: That would be Spotify. I'm more of a music listener that a book reader...

A: Anything by Matt Haig or JK Rowling. 

Favourite holiday destination? 

C: LA, there is always something new to see every time you go. 

A: Tulum in Mexico. 

Sunrise or sunset?

C: Sunset most definitely. 

Life motto? 

C: You only have one life so don’t waste it. 

A: Live in the present and do what makes you happy!

Listen to BitterSweet DJs on SoundCloud here or follow the girls on Instagram
@charlottedecarle and @ashleylouisejames