These books will make your home happier

What’s the secret to a happy home? You might just find the answer in this collection of gorgeous books. With most of us spending more time than ever inside the same four walls, it’s crucial to make sure that every corner of your space inspires positive thoughts.

Whether it’s houseplants balanced on windowsills, the tempting aromas of deliciously simple dinners or recreating that ‘spa’ feeling from the reclines of your sofa, these lovely reads endeavour to provide tips and strategies for making your home a little happier. 

Decorating a Room of One’s Own by Susan Harlan
Dorothy was spot on when she said "there's no place like home". In this imaginative and entertaining book of essays, English professor Susan Harlan takes us on a tour of famous literary homes by “interviewing” the likes of Elizabeth Bennet, Victor Frankenstein and Little Women’s Jo March. We find out about their interior design tastes, influences and favourite pieces. A must-have for those who would dare to stay the night at Wuthering Heights. 

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Prick by Gynelle Leon 
Succulents are the plant of the moment. Why? Because as well as being a shortcut to a calmer, brighter home, they’re also (supposedly) easy to take care of. For those of us not blessed with even the most basic of green thumbs, take a figurative leaf out of this beautiful book by Gynelle Leon, the founder of London’s first dedicated cactus and succulent shop. An expert in all plants prickly, she offers practical tips and advice on how to get started with succulents and how to help them flourish, along with some gorgeous photography. 

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The Roasting Tin: Simple One Dish Dinners by Rukmini Iyer
Is there any dinner more delicious than the one that was almost too easy to put together? This best seller from author and recipe writer Rukmini Iyer comes fully stocked with 75 wonderfully simple meals that can all be made in a single dish. Rustle up some spicy chipotle chicken wings for a Friday night feast, or liven up lunchtimes with quick and crispy gnocchi. For even more from The Roasting Tin, check out the other books in Iyer’s series for vegan and vegetarian recipes from around the world. 

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The Well-Gardened Mind: Rediscovering Nature in the Modern World by Sue Stuart-Smith

“In this era of virtual worlds and fake facts, the garden brings us back to reality,” writes author, psychiatrist and psychotherapist Sue Stuart-Smith. In this life-affirming book that combines neuroscience with exquisite storytelling, Stuart-Smith reminds us that our gardens are more than just physical green spaces; they can be our mental sanctuaries. Oh yes, this is so much more than just “a book about gardening”; it’s also about how to use the therapeutic benefits of nurturing your plants to improve your mental wellbeing. 

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Be Well by Kari Molvar
Self-care is nothing new, it’s just that many of us forget to do it. This gorgeous book encourages you to work more wellness into your daily life by delving into one of our most-missed pastimes: spas. Filled with over 250 stunning photographs, each page transports you to the most incredible and innovative spas and sanctuaries around the world. You’ll soak up stunning architecture, have a history lesson and learn all about the ancient traditions and cutting-edge practices of 21st century wellness culture from those in the know. A coffee table essential. 

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Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults by Lucy Mangan
You’ve watered your peace lilies, cooked a mouth-watering chicken traybake, had a good soak in the tub and now it’s time for bed; but first, soothe your anxious mind to sleep with one of the brilliant short tales compiled by journalist Lucy Mangan. This calming collection includes short stories and poems from the likes of DH Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde and Edith Wharton, and brings back the lost joy of being lulled to sleep by a classic tale. And hey, if bedtime stories weren’t meant for grown-ups too, CBeebies wouldn’t ask Tom Hardy to narrate them. 

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