Books Worth Sharing

From the novels ripe for discussion with your reading group, to the books to gift the women in your life. After all, part of the joy of discovering a brilliant read is being able to recommend it to someone you love, too.

The Rules of Seeing - Joe Heap

Nova is an interpreter for the Met Police. She can speak five languages. She can tell when someone is lying just from the sound of their voice. She’s also blind. After a cutting-edge operation restores her sight, she wakes up to a world she no longer understands. The Rules of Seeing is a debut novel that's had huge buzz - and lives up to it. Out now

The Wrong Heaven - Amy Bonnaffons

From a woman who deals with grief while arguing with Jesus and Mary lawn ornaments that come to life, to a world in which women transform themselves into horses through a series of medical injections, The Wrong Haven is a collection of wry, clever tales, which take a sideways look at modern womanhood. Out now

The Only Girl - Robin Green

This kick-ass memoir The Only Girl, from the first female writer on the Rolling Stone masthead, details her adventure in the world of 1960s rock’n’roll, from stalking the Grateful Dead with Annie Liebowitz, to sparring with Dennis Hopper on a film set in the desert. Out now

Letters To Change The World

An inspirational collection of letters including Emmeline Pankhurst’s rallying cry to her suffragettes, Martin Luther King’s communications from prison, to Obama’s note to his daughters on his inauguration. Published 6 September 

Fierce Fairy Tales - Nikita Gill

Stories and poems accompanied by beautiful hand-drawn illustrations that give Once Upon a Time a much-needed modern makeover. Fierce Fairy Tales is a gorgeous gift for adults and children alike. Published 6 September

Made Out Of Stars - Meera Lee Patel

A guided journal with stunning watercolour art and empowering quotes to spur you on and remind you to be kinder to yourself. Fill in Made Out of Stars every day for a booster shot of self-care. Published 18 September 

French Exit - Patrick deWitt

This snorting-on-the-bus satire French Exit follows Frances Price, an Upper East Side queen bee who finds herself - along with her useless son Malcolm - a social outcast when her husband dies in tabloid disgrace. They move to Paris to escape their reputation, and promptly self-destruct. Published 20 September 

Shell - Kristina Olsson

Set in 1960s Sydney during the Vietnam War, newspaper reporter Pearl is desperate to find her two young brothers before they're conscripted. Meanwhile, Axel has just arrived from Sweden to work as a sculptor on the opera house. Slowly Pearland Axel’s lives orbit and then collide. Shell is an optimistic novel about art, culture and architecture. Published 9 October 

Roar - Cecelia Ahern

This thought-provoking series of 30 stirring short stories about 30 very different women captures everyday moments of guilt, confusion, shame and exhaustion. Roar is a truly unforgettable story collection. Published 1 November 

The Dakota Winters - Tom Barbash

The Dakota Winters is a funny, charming drama about the fictional Winters family, who are living in the same apartment block as John Lennon. In the fateful summer of ‘79, we join 23-year-old Anton Winter as he returns home to help reignite his father’s showbiz career. Published 9 December