Five Unconventional Romcoms

We love Hugh Grant gushing over *insert 90s actress* as much as the next hopeless romantic but this Valentines we're embracing a different kind of love story. Whether it's more com and less rom or an unlikely pairing we're unexpectedly rooting for, enjoy our top five unconventional romcoms...

1. Lost In Translation

A brief bittersweet tale of almost-love in a strange city, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannsson are the dream team we never knew we needed.

2. Her

We're not saying we'll be flirting with our Siri/Alexa any time soon but this sci-fi rom-com exploring the relationship we might eventually have with Artificial Intelligence is surprisingly believable and weirdly heart wrenching.

3. Juno

Follow Ellen Page as a wise-cracking whip smart teen navigating the speed bumps of unplanned pregnancy - super quotable and a coming-of-age classic.

4. The Big Sick

Upon discovering that the primary love interest spends the majority of the film in a coma we didn't expect such enjoyable viewing, but trust us, The Big Sick is life-affirming and hilarious. 

5. Submarine

If, like us, you binge-watched the recent Netflix series Sex Education, then Richard Ayoade's Submarine is the idiosyncratic indie flick to watch next...