The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price

The full name of this book is The Thoughts And Happenings of Wilfred Price, Purveyor Of Superior Funerals, which (apart from being far too long to fit in the title above) gives you a certain idea of the whimsical nature of Wendy Jones's debut novel.

Set in a rural Welsh village in 1924, the book follows the fortunes of a young undertaker, who one day overcome by the sunshine and his picnic companion’s yellow dress proposes to a girl he barely knows.

Regretting his impetuosity almost immediately and realising that he does not love the girl in question (Grace), Wilfred tries to extricate himself from his engagement, but she has already rushed off to tell her family the good news.

To make matters worse, Wilfred then meets a girl (Flora) he thinks he does love and does want to marry – and getting himself out of his engagement to Grace is proving trickier than he could have imagined.

I really enjoyed this story – it’s a gentle, slightly quirky tale, which should appeal to anyone who has ever been in a relationship they knew they should get out of but didn’t know how to escape without hurting someone’s feelings. Which, I imagine, is most of us!

It’s well written, the characters are people in whose company you are very happy to spend time and it’s a highly enjoyable read. 

The Thoughts And Happenings of Wilfred Price, Purveyor Of Superior Funerals by Wendy Jones