Things You Love About Autumn…

'The thing I love about autumn is the colour of the autumn trees, brings shades of red that really please, the sun catches each shade and hue, and makes it stand out against the blue, its easy to walk around and not see, how beautiful the colours of autumn to be.' - Jan

'What I love about Autumn is cuddling up on the sofa with my husband and kids, candles lit and blankets all round. That and the new seasons fashions to entertain.' - Debbie

'The thing I love about autumn is how the leaves turn brown and golden, it's nice to go for walks where it's not to hot and not to cold and the leaves all crunch underneath your feet' - Cassandra

'The chance to get cosy. Slip on some cashmere, cuddle under a blanket, snuggle in some luscious socks.....' - Leila

'Watching the trees change from green to reds and oranges - just beautiful' - Fee

'It's new year... It's still is even though I left school 30 years ago!' - Gini

'Bonfires, jumpers, tea and toast!' - Sue

'Enjoying nature's magnificent colours!' - Maureen

'Walking ankle deep through rustling leaves..' - Angharad  

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