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The Awkward In-Between: Navigating Transeasonal Dressing

It’s that time of year when one minute it’s all sunshine, the next, a wash-out. Fashion journalist, Victoria Moss, shows us how to navigate autumn style...

This time of year can seem like one big wardrobe conundrum – one minute it’s clear, blue skies, the next torrential rain – but I prefer to turn this thinking around, and instead spin it as perfect fashion weather. 

For as any keen Sex and The City fan will know – the show was set in the perpetual in-between of weather, enabling Carrie the chance to wear fabulous OTT coats, as well as flighty dresses – ‘The Awkward In-Between’ can be a veritable stylish treasure trove of ideas. 

Key fact: it’s not cold enough for tights. Following one of my more mortifying moments during a balmy October – where I shuffled into the corner of my local tube station to daintily (it wasn’t) wriggle out of my tights, which as well as causing a fairly inelegant public transport flash (who needs a sweaty brow before breakfast) had helpfully lost all elastic strength – I now hold off on wearing tights for as long as possible to avoid wrestling with annoying gussets. 

This also means you can still get wear out of your favourite lighter material dresses and skirts. Keep the late summer spirit going in the enticing Simone Slinky Skirt in hot pink – either soften with a roundneck, navy light knit or go beautifully bold in a jumper in a matching shade. 

On the fence? Pick out the pink hit of the Thea Colourblock Jumper. We’re going to be seeing a lot of vibrant pinks this winter, so start as you mean to stylishly go on. It’s also a time of year where fabulously unusual ideas can take hold and, if you think creatively, you can get more out of the clothes you already have. I’ve largely eradicated the idea of ‘seasons’ from my wardrobe, as beyond flighty kaftans and delicious, thick knits, most things can be worn all year round. 

A light knit is your pal for layering underneath, as well as smartening up, summery printed trousers. I also like to think this way with so-called ‘occasionwear’, too. Any dress I’d wear to a wedding, I’ll also make sure works with a chic pair of flat, ankle boots and a denim jacket. My most worn pieces are my (somewhat extensive) collection of ankle boots for that very reason. A sturdy Chelsea boot will never go out of style, and is the perfect versatile accompaniment to dresses, skirts and trousers – even cropped ones – ergo, the In-Between’s best fashion friend. 

You could channel Edie Sedgewick and pair the leopard Lace Trim Slip Dress layered over a simple tee for a cool, night out look. Or pull on with a pair of slightly rolled up khaki Chamonix Chinos and a pretty, printed blouse for easy weekend style. 

So, take the slightly unfathomable weather as your essential reference – for the next few weeks mix and match your wardrobe pieces together in new, quirky combinations and if in doubt, consider what Carrie Bradshaw might do. The answer? Anything goes.

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