Sustainable swaps for a greener picnic

Welcome to our brand-new series all about greener living. Every month, hush’s Ethical and Sustainability Coordinator (AKA Sustainable Steph) will be suggesting some simple, everyday swaps we can all do to protect our planet a little bit more. 

Our appetite for a snack-filled afternoon sprawled on a gingham blanket has swelled in the last few weeks, with picnics being one of the few social activities we can share with loved ones – albeit from two metres away.

Unfortunately, these summery outings are all-too-often accompanied by a huge amount of waste – and we’re not just talking about plastic plates, either. Food waste is also a problem, and have you ever really considered the environmental impact of that prosecco in the park?

From eco-conscious cling wrap to waste-busting beers, here’s five swaps to make your next picnic greener.  

"For lunch on the grass without the guilt, I’m turning to this zero-waste cutlery pouch. A great no-mess option that’s made in the UK by a small business, it’s handmade from sustainable materials and is 100% plastic free."

 Zero Waste Cutlery Pouch, £17.50 (  

"A wicker basket jam-packed with goodies is a picnic essential. If (like me) you don’t have one hanging around, pack your picnic in these specially made organic cotton grocery bags, instead. What’s more, they’re also great for stowing your greens each time you’re in the veg aisle at the supermarket (or, even better, go to a farmers’ market or independent grocer)."

Organic Cotton Produce Bag, £5 (

"Ditch the cling film and keep your homemade sandwiches fresh with this beeswax alternative. They’re handmade in the UK from organic and sustainable materials, and there are also vegan alternatives available."

Beeswax Wraps £10-£30 (

"Making your own picnic food cuts out all the packaging that comes part and parcel with supermarket bought snacks. Sandwiches are a must, and one of my go-to ingredients for an extra flavour kick is the range of relishes and sauces produced by Rubies in the Rubble. They’re made from fruits and vegetables that may be too ripe or blemished for supermarkets and restaurants – and they’re utterly delicious."

Sauces and relishes from £3.50 (

"For a refreshing spritz, go for Dash Water’s sparkling waters infused with ‘wonky’ fruit. For a bit more buzz, try Toast Beers and Ales. They’ve swapped barley for bread and in doing so have saved nearly 2 million slices from being wasted. Plus, for every beer they sell, they donate a meal to someone in need. Now that’s something worth toasting to!"

Dash Water from £14.99 for 12 (, Toast Ales from £28.99 for 12 (