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The hush team’s favourite cocktails

Seven simple tipples, as tried and tested by the budding bartenders at hush HQ 

We don’t mean to brag, but we reckon we’ve got pretty good at this mixology malarkey.

Sure, we were more than a little heartbroken when we had to suddenly say goodbye to Friday night margaritas in our favourite fairy light-spangled bars, but here at hush we also relish a challenge. So, we learnt how to make our beloved cocktails at home.

Ok, so juggling glasses seems like a disaster waiting to happen, and there have been more than a few hasty ingredient substitutions. But we’ve enjoyed whipping out our shiny new shakers (or jam jars with lids screwed on really tightly) and creating some cracking cocktails.

Even though we’re ridiculously excited to be dressing up and heading to our favourite hangouts once more, we’re also thrilled that we’ve learnt how to rustle up something tasty from our liquor cupboards, too.

For Friday night entertaining, to jazz up Saturday morning pancakes, or simply to toast the weekend from the sofa: here’s our favourite cocktails to make at home.  

“Three of my favourite things in life are champagne, gin and lemon, and this cocktail combines them all. It’s a proper ‘celebration’ drink, even when you’re just celebrating the weekend…”

“This is a perfect, elegant-looking drink for cocktail night at home. You can tweak this recipe from accordingly. I like to make it sweeter with more syrup, but you can also cut through more lime for a tarter finish.”

"This one from @thesistertable has become one of my firm favourites. I love the contrast of the refreshing grapefruit against the sweetness of the elderflower and prosecco. It looks so pretty, too!”

“I love this cocktail because it gives me an excuse to drink coffee in the evening! I use my beloved Nespresso machine but if you don’t have one, just make a shot (about 35ml) of strong coffee instead.”

“Fiery, fizzy and so easy to make – this is one of my favourite cocktails for the weekend. Serve in a copper cup as suggested in this method from Cookie and Kate if you’re feeling fancy.”

“This Salt and Wind recipe is similar to a Negroni but swaps gin for sparkling water. It’s perfect when you want something that little bit longer but not quite as strong! It’s just as tasty and super refreshing.”

“This is the ultimate sunny evening tipple – it’s fruity, refreshing and delicious. I use the end of a rolling pin to muddle the lime with the sugar and passionfruit pulp before giving it a good stir.”

All illustrations by hush's own Michael Long